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January 12, 2017 5:13 PM  #1

Is it just me? (Yes, it's just you!)

Full disclosure:  I HATE HRC with a passion I can't summon up too often anymore given my advanced years. She is what all her detractors say she is. Nuff said.

But O-M-G what have the Americans wrought?  I watched that news conference yesterday and I saw a 6-year old boy, a spoiled brat that my parents used to hold up as a bad example, acting as the no-class lout that he is.  Yeah, that's what we want in our leaders: a very limited vocabulary that includes words like "garbage" and "crap" uttered while arguably the whole world is watching.  Coarse, common, ill bred. Vindictive, mean-spirited, spiteful. 

And his take down of CNN and its reporter is being CELEBRATED in many circles frequented by people like us. "The MSM is finally getting its comeuppance," they crow. "Hallelujah! Their end is nigh!   Yes-siree Bob! That's what I'm talking about!"

Without going through the entrails of all this, let me  ask a selfish question: just who the hell is going to hire people like us  when the MSM is no more?  You think think those anti-Semites retailing their hate on-line are hiring? (BTW, to them it's not the MSM, it's the JMSM) They should be hiring.  Hell,  the Ordinary Joe and  the Forgotten Man are flocking to them, right? So their ad rates must be going sky high and they can afford to hire more people. Yeah, right.

I get it.  It feels good to see the anointed get it in the neck. But if there was EVER an  example of "be careful what you wish for" this is it. 



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