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March 21, 2017 6:00 PM  #1

Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

Thank you for renewing this show, I need something to put to sleep Sunday Nights.
Gummy Bears in Mongolia?  Maggie's in Manhattan?  I'm on my way.
Some piece of advice for Heather Conkie (aka Aunt Agnes) - don't let actors director episodes, doesn't work.
If actors don't want to work the full season; if they have something more important to do, fire them.
And please hire straight actors, some people can't hide it.



March 23, 2017 3:26 AM  #2

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

well said, and perfectly elucidated.    Grammatically proper and delivered with the clearest of intentions. 

please elaborate, I would appreciate your further thoughts on hiring "straight actors" for example.
I, too, hate it when actors "director" episodes.  Give me "some piece of advice" to advance your theory.

Thanks for sharing.on what turns out to be your own personal sounding board, because nobody else clearly is involved with the  kw/g/l/h radio & media forum......


March 24, 2017 7:24 PM  #3

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

In response to Bucky's response,

1)  Sorry for the spelling errors and typos, I'm working with a new hp keyboard.
2)  I don't claim this to be my own personal sounding board; the other 100+ views for this topic alone should prove this, unless the view count is wrong, which would mean that the Undemocratic Party and the voting at the  Partly Conservative Party of Canuckistan isn't the only thing that is rigged.
3) Heartland uses a variety of directors, including one of their actors.  It is noticeable when he is directing by the shots by the camera angle.
4) With the term 'straight' actors.  It doesn't need an explanation. 
5) Other people may choose not to comment on some subjects on online forums because of political correctness.


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March 25, 2017 6:30 PM  #4

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season


1) Typos these days are somehow acceptable and forgivable, for whatever reason.
2) investigating the Quad Cities posts going back to Jan 1 2017, you are responsible for over 90% of originating articles posted, regardless of views.
3) Heartland has existed for 10 seasons so far, and apparently successfully.  Perhaps you could offer to direct an episode?
4)  why don't you just call them "fags" or "queers" as is your non-politically correct wont?
5) I am not one of those people.


March 27, 2017 5:15 PM  #5

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

How long a show runs or for how many episodes doesn't necessarily mean it's a success, especially if it's on public broadcasting and receiving taxpayers' money.  I wouldn't consider The National a success.

I would love to direct an episode of Heartland.  I'll wait for the episode they kill off Punky Brewster,  have the ranch raided and discover a drug lab and have Heather Conkie reprise her role as Aunt Agnes.

My quarrel with Heather Conkie is when she was host of Report Canada.  She always asked her audience to send in drawings of beavers.  What is her obsession with beavers? 


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March 28, 2017 4:12 PM  #6

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

...and how is it possible for Amy to be pregnant for over a year?

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April 4, 2017 12:16 AM  #7

Re: Heartland Renewed for 11th Season

perhaps beavers have an extended gestation period?


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