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March 27, 2017 5:24 PM  #1

From the Canadian Press

Regarding the syndicated hourly news updates provided for small stations and overnight local new replacements:

(1)  Do any stations take advantage of the one minute sports go-op and substitute it with local news?
(2)  Is a whole minute reporting sports too long, especially if they don't provide the scores for games in progress?  
      (If a game is in progress, they just say the game is un progress but not the score.)


March 27, 2017 6:32 PM  #2

Re: From the Canadian Press

I can't answer question one, although my guess would be that if a local station is taking the CP Newscast it's because they're not doing one of their own, so there'd be nobody around to do an update. Why use nationally syndicated filler if someone is already there to read local news?

A few stations sometimes cut away before the sports sounder comes on, in order to air extra spots, which is why there's always that very brief pause before they hit the stinger. 

But I can respond with some authority to your second query. About a year ago or more, CP changed the way it distributes its newscast, going from live on satellite to a much cheaper Internet delivered product. As a result, that requires a few minutes of uploading at the source and downloading at the stations. Which means the thing is pre-taped about 10 minutes or so before it actually airs.

So there's no way to give a score in any game because it might have changed since the thing was recorded. Better to obfuscate than to sound completely wrong. But it can backfire, such as if the Super Bowl ends in that 10 minute window and the newscaster is talking about the big game as though it's still going on.

I've also heard from a source I know at CP that they've thought about doing away with the sports minute entirely, but so far, it remains part of the package. 

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March 28, 2017 4:00 PM  #3

Re: From the Canadian Press


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