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May 29, 2017 12:22 PM  #1

Latest ratings

Holy Cow!  Some stations had their legs cut off!!  If I'm reading the stats correctly, one station has lost almost 50% of it's 25 - 54 demo in less than a year.  In  this case it could be argued that the audience rejected the programming changes effected by the VP/GM and his toady PD.  So who gets the boot?  The no-talent hosts? Or the no- talent executives who hired them?  Or both?

It is to weep what big broadcasting has done. Witness the once-mighty CFPL.  (Not the station referenced above, btw)



May 29, 2017 5:21 PM  #2

Re: Latest ratings

If these results are due to the new Online Radio Diaries, the lower ratings tell the truth - the previous 'inflated' ratings were always fake.  It's ironic that since CBC RADIO airs no commercials, they won't lose money.



June 7, 2017 4:58 PM  #3

Re: Latest ratings

Mary Tyler Moore always says 'the numbers are looking pretty good' while tapping his pencil on the desk the day after the ratings book comes out.  I stopped listening to RB, so has he said that lately?


June 7, 2017 5:57 PM  #4

Re: Latest ratings

Assuming you meant John Moore, and also assuming that's more or less a quote (oxymoron alert!) why would he say that? It means less than nothing to the listener.  You know, the people we're trying to reach. It would evoke a "wtf"? and justifiably so.  As in "wtf are 'numbers'"?  Or more probably, "wtf is he talking about?" 

SFX: car button being hit.

I'm like you though -- he's waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too precious for my taste.

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