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January 5, 2018 5:24 PM  #1

Odds & Ends

        ◊  Brian Ross has been re-assigned (demoted) to "long term projects" with a co-reporter babe, no more breaking news stories or anything related to President Trump.  ◊  More men in the business have been accused of sexual misconduct.  I don't feel comfortable with mentioning their names as these are only allegations.  On top in Pittsburgh for the ninth month in a row - classic hits-oldies WWSW 94.5.  In most markets contemporary rock is at number one.  I am amazed how in some cities formats rank differently.  What does this say about Pittsburgh?   ◊  Jerry Agar on Thursday mentioned Global News twice during a segment about being on iced covered bodies of water.  He pondered whether it was romantic than asked if anyone has ever gone ice fishing.   Another Brokeback moment.  ◊  John Moore is growing a beard.  ◊  A two minute delay really comes in handy for Rush Limbaugh.  He had to dump (another call) in December but the transition wasn't smooth.  I've notice he recently has trouble reading the program clock; it's ironic that one of his reading commercials was interrupted for the bottom of the hour break.  


January 16, 2018 6:25 PM  #2

Re: Odds & Ends

I often hear Jerry Agar (yes I am listening to CFRB a bit) prior to going to traffic at :15 and :45 saying, "coming up in the news at...", and what ever story he says, it's not mentioned during the next newscast.
Today at 10:15 he mentioned the story of another false missal warning, "details at 10:30".  No mention at 10:30. 

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January 17, 2018 9:15 AM  #3

Re: Odds & Ends

Exidor wrote:

   yes I am listening to CFRB a bit   

NOBODY listens to Agar or 1010 CFRB now that M. Stafford is acknowledging SOWNY on-air


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