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August 14, 2014 6:48 PM  #1

Drex versus Jann Arden & the KW radio layoffs

Saw the above link go by in my Facebook feed.  Drex is upset that Jann Arden had a negative opinion on AMP radio and QuickHitz.  He then proceeds to slam Jann Arden and seems to imply that, hey, maybe without Cancon & Canadian radio she wouldn't have a career.  Or maybe dude, Jann Arden gave Canadian radio some relatively decent Cancon to play.  I'm not fan of Jann Arden but she is talented. 

But it's not his opinion that pisses me off. It's that it seems all too much like the "kiss corporate ass" mentality; the house n1gg3r of sorts.  Today was a bloodbath in KW radio.  Last month Vancouver radio experienced the same thing.  Next month it'll be another market.  Some of the people let go today may never again work in the industry.  The vast majority of those "let go" in radio were not fired because of their performance.  They were fired because of the inability of management to adapt & embrace technology & the arrogant "we are radio, we will always be here". You can still see that today with "experts" posting graphs or written word that hey...15 year old kids still love FM radio.  

But I doubt we'll see Drex write a column on the failures of his own industry.  Or the poor ratings of the Corus outlets in Vancouver and Toronto (including CFOX where I believe he works).  Or any of the poor decisions corporate radio has made in the past decade.  Etc, etc, etc.  Instead he'll slam Jann Arden because she has enough balls to actually have a real opinion, not one influenced by a corporation

PS Drex.  I'd be careful slamming Jann Arden.  Sure, she's not at the peak she was when Insensitive was a hit.  But she does have a fan base who regularly show up to pay to see her.  In fact, the way radio is going her career may well last longer than yours.  Think about that dude.  



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