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August 26, 2014 6:30 PM  #1


I could be wrong, but it appears that our sister site is about to implode because it has been  hijacked by a troll.

In my many years in the Biz, I can honestly say that I have met less than a handfull of a-holes -- outside management, of course, Chief among them was a man of modest talent.  That was the only thing modest about him. My Gawd he was a dick.   He was always right.   He always had to get in the last word.  Which brings me to this: when he died, unmourned, at a fairly young age the only word that came to mind was, "meh".  



August 26, 2014 9:27 PM  #2



I think SOWNY has been in decline for some time now.  It's less a radio forum & more a gathering of a small group of guys who mostly share the same opinions & listen to a small portion of what radio has to offer.  I mean these folks thought Bruce Marshall was a troll.  I don't know Mr Marshall at all but he was hardly a troll.  He simply disagreed with the prevailing opinion of SOWNY.  That's a guy with an opinion, not a troll.

Is Ziggy a troll?  Using the technical definition, no he is not.  For starters, Ziggy is not anonymous (an important element of trolls). The former moderator & the current moderator know who he is & they have confirmed he is employed in radio.  Ziggy is more of an antagonist & a contrarian.  

There are professional trolls online.  Political parties use them to go into newspaper forums, etc & create havoc.  And corporations hire them to disrupt the social media of their competitors.  Then there are the real internet trolls who are driven by ideology and some who just want to watch the world burn.  

And not all troll are bad. Consider the trolls who attacked the Westboro Baptist Church.  WBC regularly picket the funerals of dead soldiers & threatened to picket the funerals of the children killed at Sandy Hook.  It was trolls (along with hackers, Anonymous and the Hells Angels) who turned their "guns" on WBC and stopped them from doing it.  They also often attack racist groups in the UK and USA antagonizing them until they finally give up and go offline.  

The real threat to SOWNY is it appeals to a limited audience.  And besides, anyone who has been around for any length of time knows that it's not Ziggy who destroyed SOWNY.  It's me. ;-)..  


August 27, 2014 4:13 PM  #3


Thanks for the tutorial. I sure didn't know about trolls vs the WBC... an odious bunch of toads if there ever was one. Only a (small) step removed from ISIS in terms of hate.  That Hell's Angels were also involved is more than  interesting. Thanks for that too. 

Good line about you ruining SOWNY.   I wasn't around then, but I have seen allusions to your, ahem, participation.  I have also  seen how strong your opinions are, but it's not as if you hover over the site waiting to respond to every post with something snarky and hurtful like someone who shall remain nameless.


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August 27, 2014 7:52 PM  #4



Yes the Hells Angels were part of the human wall to protect the kids during the funeral procession. The Patriot Riders also showed up & I heard even the KKK had people there.  I also heard a couple of the Angels were arrested too.  I guess Fox News came along and stuffed cameras in the faces young children asking them how they felt & the Angels took offense to that LOL. I'd dearly love to see the WBC picket the funeral of a 1% biker club like HA or the Outlaws. 

On that topic, here's a laugh for you.  A "friend" of the WBC in AZ is seen picketing over the deaths of all those firefighters killed in that big wildfire a few years ago.  FFWD to about 4 minutes where he runs into a Hells Angel.  If you look at his vest & read his flash (badges) he's filthy few.  That's a brother not to mess with dude.

Yes, I can be belligerent online and often times I'm blamed for the downfall of forums (even when I'm not a part of it), the death of puppies & global warming.  I remember when I walked into the X92.9 Winnebago in 2007 in Calgary and Josh Holliday looked at me and said "hey it's Irvine from the big yellow board".  Ziggy ain't got nothing on me ;-) LOL  

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