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August 29, 2014 2:43 PM  #1

FM 98.5

Recreational Playsystems on Rupert St. Waterloo builds playground equipment for toddlers, the kind you see in public parks & shopping malls.     Each has a half dozen things to crawl up to reach slides + monkey bars, that kind of thing.     Each also has a number of faces such as an Xs & Os game and one with an automobile dash for which the "car radio" dial is permanently set to K-W FM 98.5

Do you find the foregoing information more or less interesting than posting gossip about SOWNYs current inactivity?      [Perhaps SOWNY regulars such as D. Lennick & B. Marshall are at a playground, climbing the monkey bars] 


August 30, 2014 3:25 PM  #2

Re: FM 98.5

Eldon, I don't think the posts about a "current poster on SOWNY" are gossip so much as they are a reflection of someone who enjoys visiting that forum.  I, personally, don't see the person in question as a troll; more someone who simply can't get beyond "this is how it is now, accept it". That type of mentality IS exactly how radio got where it was & how companies that have failed (like GM) got where they where.  For things to move forward & remake themselves, they need more than just brilliant visionary leaders.  They also need troops who buy into the plan.  

Speaking of car radios, I am working in Calgary & I drove my car here.  Living in the West End in Vancouver means I drive so little my car gets covered with dust and the condo board asks me "is this thing even working".  I been driving frequently all week and WOW is morning radio just awful.  You can drive 20 minutes and you barely hear any music.  It's just traffic, chatter, commercials (and lots of them it seems).  But boy does being in a car change the dynamics of FM radio.  When you stream you just sort of let it run & ride through the bad songs.  In a car I just constantly changed the stations looking for something.  


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