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September 9, 2014 6:15 PM  #1

Possiible Morning show bit

Not often, but once in a while I wish I were back in the Biz. Most recently, this week with the annoucement that Kate Middleton is preggers again.  I'm thinkin', "I hope they come up with a better name for this kid than they did for the first one!"   George? Seriously?  In 2013? Oh I know all about that royal tradition and stuff, but they change their names anyway when they become King fer crissake!  Our last king, George the 6th was actually named Albert.  They could have named him Jake or Josh or Chase or Trip.  (Tweet us @  us at #@xxxxxx with your suggestion. Or maybe we'll just take phone calls and have some fun with you on the air old school)

Hey, while everyone else is talking about Kim K's ass, you'd be topical, different, interactive and  should  get giggles from your side-chick, as if that's a challenge. 


What was I thinking?


September 10, 2014 7:58 PM  #2

Re: Possiible Morning show bit

As I'm currently in Calgary, I personally would like to witness the TWO winter storms that hit Calgary (dumping 28.1 cms of snow on the summer) hit KW...if only to hear the 570 Storm Centre ride off the rails.  


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