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December 27, 2017 6:07 PM  #1

Alice Gets A Pass

Beginning January 02, Antenna TV (2-2 Buffalo) will beginning airing Alice at 1:00 pm.  The second episode, titled 'Alice Gets A Pass' which will air the next day, Denny Miller plays a homosexual quarterback.

The CBC aired Alice at 2:30pm weekdays circa 1989 (except Windsor).  This episode aired 4 times.  The first time it aired it ran unedited.  Then the second time it aired, there was black screen followed by the cbc logo on the screen for 15 seconds following the second intermission into the second act of the show.  The third and fourth time it aired, the CBC inserted an addition 15 second promo then joined the program in progress.  They intentional edited out dialogue of the show, probably because someone complained. 

The dialogue as I remember it is as follows:
The end of ACT 1 has Jack telling Alice that he is gay, following their date.
Then after the commercial, at the beginning of ACT 2 (portion edited) Alice has a disgust look on her face and questions Jack.  "Gay" (laughter)  "Gay" (laughter)  "You don't mean Gay as in happy, you mean Gay".

I don't know what was offensive about that, but you can watch for yourself if isn't edited out next Wednesday.

Also note new lineup for ANTENNA TV


December 28, 2017 7:48 PM  #2

Re: Alice Gets A Pass

I also notice that one of the shows Antenna TV has picked up (it's actually been on for a while) is "Good Morning World." It's a one season and done series that aired on CBS in 1967, starring Ronnie Schell and Joby Baker (although Billy De Wolfe as the mean boss was the real standout) and a rare sitcom set in a radio station. The stars played two morning men, although if memory serves only part of the story actually took place in the studio. 

It wasn't a great show, but I mention it only because a) it's also on Antenna TV and b) it's one of the few comedies that centre on radio. WKRP and Frasier are the most obvious and there was a show called "Midnight Caller" with Gary Cole that ran for a few seasons on NBC. But other than that, I can't think of many radio-set shows on network television. 

And that's too bad, considering the places I worked had enough characters to be a show in themselves. Still, it's interesting to see an early example of a program that dealt with a medium it otherwise generally ignores.

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January 2, 2018 5:16 PM  #3

Re: Alice Gets A Pass

Okay, the episode Alice Gets A Pass aired today as ANTENNA TV couldn't air the pilot episode (just as they couldn't air the pilot episode of Mork and Mindy which ran as Happy Days but doesn't run in syndication for stations that air Happy Days).

The actual quote from Alice that could have been offensive to the CBC was, "you don't just jolly?"  Kudos for Antenna TV for not editing it out.  What really could have been offensive to the LBGQWTF crowd was Alice didn't want her 12 year old son to go camping with a homosexual.  The argument the writers of the show made was, if Jack was a heterosexual would Alice trust her 12 year old daughter to go camping with him and Mel.  Alice replied yes, but I hope most parents (today) would say no; that was a bad argument.

Best quote, By Flo "Jack Newhouse is a football player honey, he's big and strong.  Any woman would die to take that hunk of candy home.  Why he spends half his life surrounded by big virile men in locker rooms and showers, being tackled by other football players, jumping up and down and hugging each other, patting each others' butt..."

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