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January 18, 2018 9:53 AM  #1

The CTV National Nooz with Lisa Laflamme

Two things ... it`s been several years now.  Will they ever get their American VO guy to pronounce it  the correct and Canadian way? It's a liquid U, as in in ewe.

Is it me, but why does it seem Lisa just can't get comfortable in that chair? Back-and-forth, with a bit of side-to-side thrown in. I hardly ever watch it. Maybe that's why I find the "nooz" and the chair movement so noticeable.



January 18, 2018 7:12 PM  #2

Re: The CTV National Nooz with Lisa Laflamme

I thought when Lee Marshall left CTV, they replaced him with a guy from Montreal.  Shocked to learn that they hired a Yankee considered Lisa LaPhlegm blamed the Americans for 911 while she was co-hosting Canada AM with the sports jock. 

Don't you enjoy the Trump bashing every night on that newscast.; guaranteed in the first segment.  D.T. is to blame for everything don't you know.



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