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February 6, 2018 6:02 PM  #1

Super Bowl Ratings: It's all about the way you see it.

The ratings are in for the NFL Super Bowl.  There's even bias in the reporting of factual numbers. 
I'm agreeing with the Sun's view on this.  Super Bowl 52  (in the United States), attracted the 10th-highest average viewership in American TV history: 103.4 million on NBC, even though ratings were down from last year.
Most media is putting a gloomy forecast on the future of the NFL.

I agree with those who think Thursday Night Football hurts Sundays' telecasts.  If your team isn't playing Sunday, you're probably not watching any game that Sunday.

Viewership in Canada was down .4 percent.  I'm still amazed more Canadians wanted to watch the Canadian feed rather than NBC.  (How do we know the people who have the rating meters represent an accurate reflection of Canadian viewers?)

Doesn't CTV's contest constitute as a lottery since their parent company is receiving money from people texting in responding to the contest?


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