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April 18, 2018 10:02 PM  #1

He's everywhere, he's everywhere

The recent Corus cuts affected local radio too. Dave Hannah, who was the morning man on CJOY as far back as I can remember and who was also heard evenings on Magic 106.1, and Rob Daniels, afternoon drive at 91.5 The Beat, are both gone.

Rob Daniels has yet to be replaced. However, the new morning drive host at CJOY is Mike Devine. Mike Devine is one hard working guy as he also does mid-days, and is the music director, at 107.5 Dave and he is now also heard evenings from 7-midnight on Magic 106.1. He appears to have the afternoons off so maybe he should be given the afternoon drive slot on the Beat too, a slot he held for some time before moving to Dave. Actually he had been at Dave before the Beat, but under a different name (John James or something like that). 

I really enjoyed listening to Mike Devine when he was at Energy Radio and was happy when he arrived at the Beat. I have listened to him on Dave and he fits the rock format well too. Mornings at CJOY he is a little over the top - probably a real jolt to those used to Dave Hannah..

Obviously Mike does not do all those shifts live-two of them will be voice tracked-eveings at Magic for sure, but I haven't figured out which of the other two is also vt'd. I am leaning towards the CJOY morning show. Anyone know for sure? 

As for Corus- they certainly have no concern for the radio listener and have no recognition of the importance of the relationship between the on air personality and the listener and the community in which she/he work. 



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