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June 26, 2018 7:55 PM  #1

Mike Richards is my new hero!

Last year at this time  I had finished radiation,  one month previous, for a cancer similar to Mike's  and  I was so badly burned that I could barely walk. Three weeks ago I went through a procedure that showed that I was STILL burned a full year later.  Not as bad as a year ago of course,  but I was STILL burned...  a full year later!  I took quite a bit of time off work with no apolgies to anyone.  If Mike went to work during and immediatly after  treatment he is someone with such a work ethic I would hire him in a nanosecond.  

In fact,  I wish I were a PD somewhere so I could go out of my way to hire him! 

His scorched-earth video? Was any of it untrue?

You rock Mike! 

I hope you're health is better. (I find out about mine next week.)

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