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June 2, 2020 9:39 AM  #1

Vision TV fib

Vision TV, the religious station, has a bit of a problem with the truth.  Like most others I've been watching a LOT more TV lately and I've discovered a couple of shows that have helped pass the time; shows that I might not have otherwise watched.  One is Vera, a British police drama that centers around a disheveled Tyneside detective. My wife and I have grown to enjoy it and we appreciate that it's available on PBS and Vision TV. Except on Vision TV it's promoted, graphics and all, as a "Major Movie" each time it airs; complete with numerous bumpers  out of commercial breaks.  Well, it's not a "Major Movie" -- it's a 9 year-old TV show.  It happens to be 90 minutes long, but it's still a TV show. I am fully aware this is very small beer compared to everything else that's going on right now, but you know what?   It's a glaring misdemeanour as  it would be on any other station, but on a religious channel the irony is rich for such a transgression against the commandant that forbids bearing false witness. 

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