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March 30, 2014 11:45 PM  #1

March 31st is going to be an exciting radio day

I know this isn't focusing on the Quadcities but 3 big things happening in Canadian radio. First at 11am in Ottawa we will see Jump fm (not fresh) launching, replacing the shutdown Bear that has been stunting all weekend with Nature sounds. They have a twitter page already with Mr D and others following.
At the same time (8 Vancouver time) Virgin Radio is leaving the dial in Vancouver to be replaced by the legendary z95.3 which was on air in Vancouver from  May 23, 1991 until June 3, 2007. Since then it was 95 crave and then Virgin. Both of these changes are coming from the aftermath of the Bell/Astral deal. 
Also The Edge is launching its new on air lineup. Look forward to hearing the new morning show and hearing Carlos back on 102.1. 

Also on March 28th something a lot smaller happened but Giant 105.3 in Thunder Bay is now a country station. So we have a few new stations and I expect a couple more to happen in the next couple weeks. It is an exciting time in Radio and I am on the outside looking in wishing I were working in the field. It would be lots of fun right now


March 31, 2014 7:02 AM  #2

Re: March 31st is going to be an exciting radio day

Also, new owner Newcap loses the rights to the name 'Flow' in Toronto, so we will see what happens to that station as well!


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