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February 7, 2017 5:57 PM  #1

People acculately watched the SUPERBOWL on CTV?

Viewership dropped by only 39%?
Who decided not to watch the U.S. commercials on Fox?
I guess the guy in B.C. who won the $150 000 in that (I want to say 'rigged' but I can't) contest is happy.
They're saying this little drop is the sole reason why they had to layoff all those people; how much more of a drop in ratings do they have to go to layoff those nasty women on The Social, or that woman who can't read the teleprompter on the weekend?

Did it bother anyone that the so-called singers who sang America The Beautiful added the word 'sisterhood'?



December 14, 2017 7:35 PM  #2

Re: People acculately watched the SUPERBOWL on CTV?

The U.S. networks air 2 x 30 second commercials during each game where they show live action from the field in a split screen.  CTV does not air these.  (Though they did during week 1.)

Could CTV lose their simsub status for this as they are ripping of Canadian viewers of 1 minute of field coverage?


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