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July 30, 2020 7:56 AM  #1

Go big, or go home!

So today’s the day. July 30, 2020, the day we find out if the much-ballyhooed News Talk stations live up to their constant hype or if it’s all just so much bovine scatology. When the Prime Minister is hauled before a committee to be grilled on the WE controversy, unlike anything we’ve seen before, will the News Talk stations carry all the historic  proceedings?  Or cut away after half an hour or so?   My money is on the latter. If I’m right,  it will be proof positive that these stations are just slogans with no meaning. Period. You know, just like they claim all their music stations have the “best music.”I would say to the News Directors or Brand Managers or whomever, “Now’s your best chance ever to prove that you mean what you say. Fail in this and the world will know you for what you are.  Fake news.”    


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