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May 30, 2014 8:22 PM  #1

How Will It Change The Face Of Radio In Waterloo Region?

As supposed, within a couple of years, listening in a car will be shifted from OTA to satellite streaming. What does this do to a regional heavyweight like CHYM-FM? Any effect? What about the smaller players like Magic 106, DAVE FM, even CKWR? 


June 1, 2014 10:52 AM  #2

Re: How Will It Change The Face Of Radio In Waterloo Region?

No car of mine will ever be without OTA radio-even if I have to pay extra. However, I have not owned a new car since 1973, so I should be safe for awhile. However, will OTA radio change? Will they broadcast on satellite also?


June 4, 2014 5:39 AM  #3

Re: How Will It Change The Face Of Radio In Waterloo Region?

So how will it be satellite streamed?  Using Sirus/XM or a standalone system?

Jody Thornton

July 5, 2014 8:31 PM  #4

Re: How Will It Change The Face Of Radio In Waterloo Region?


From an entirely technical standpoint it will be IPv6 that brings in radical changes to online streaming.  The reason is it offers multicasting natively.  In laymens terms multicasting means there is 1 stream & other computers will latch on to it.  It's used internally in large companies for imaging workstations so as to not overwhelm a network & the switches. Without going all CCIE on you it's sort of like FM radio now.  They send out 1 signal and everyone tunes in.  It will be kind of the same across the wire.  

I'd figure the shift is already there. Streaming is the prefered choice in every environment except that car & that will change in the future.  One reason for the change is that lots of people aren't buying cars because they're moving into urban areas.  Many of them just use transit & pay for a service like Car2Go.  I saw a photo of urban Toronto recently & how much it had changed in the past 5 years.  Those folks living the urban lifestyle are doing so by choice not by necessity.  It's a paradigm shift with a different generation. 

@Dan:  I don't think "local" really matters anymore.  When a person walks out of the office at 5 PM they're already up to date on all things local.  It's fed to their smart phone if they're interested in being updated. If they want anything it would be someone that engages & interacts them on a personal/social level.  That's more than reading liners or talking about music. I've never understood why radio announcers tell me about the bands history, blah blah blah.  Most people don't care. I hear it TOO much in Top 40 radio, though I must commend the Beat for having very listenable announcers.



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