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October 30, 2014 6:30 PM  #1

You know you're in trouble when...

... a scuzzy spin doctor drops you as a client.  They probably couldn't find a way to blame this on Harper, although, don't worry, someone will.


November 2, 2014 12:54 PM  #2

Re: You know you're in trouble when...

Well I'll throw another angle at this to you..and muse it over.  Most of the board members of the CBC are financial supporters of Harper.  Further, my understanding is the chair of the CBC was appointed by Harper.

What's lost in this whole Jian Ghomeshi thing is the part the CBC played in all of this. Ghomeshi "took some time off" a few weeks ago if you recall.  I've read that it was the CBC's way of saying "go away quietly" so we both don't have a PR nightmare.  Well MIke, if the allegations are correct & Jian is a predator, said public institution swept this violence under the carpet. Save a PR nightmare & be damned with the victims.  That's not only wrong it's illegal. 

I wouldn't blame Harper myself but your comment makes me wonder if you support the guy.  Frankly, I'm not sure how anyone can support any politician. Left or right wing, too many politicians define the term "douche bag". 



November 2, 2014 6:26 PM  #3

Re: You know you're in trouble when...

Of course you are 100% correct concerning  the role the CBC played in this.  In a recent unpleasantness I had with a former employer (which happily, I won) I was taken aback by my lawyer's use of the phrase "or should have known".  That put an onus I would never have suspected on my former employer. To extrapolate, I guess the CBC can't say, in effect, "How was I supposed to know?".   According to what I have read, and I've read a lot (Schadenfreude, anyone?), Ghomeshi had a reputation that even someone with the remotest connection to the hipster scene knew. Coast to coast, for frick's sake!   The CBC bloody well should have known! 

 I hope that someone launches an independant suit specifially aimed at the CBC, naming names. 

As for my Harper comment... well, sometimes hyperbole doesn't work.



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November 2, 2014 7:45 PM  #4

Re: You know you're in trouble when...


I don't like the whole "internet witch hunt" thing going on. I've seen some pretty stupid comments about his alleged guilt.  It's been stuff like people saying he was a douche so obviously he's a sexual predator.  I've seen first hand (professionally not personally) the effect of the "trial by internet".  The "trial by internet" happened (somewhat) because of the poor handling of this incident by the CBC.

It hasn't seem to sink in with people yet.  The CBC may have been complicit in covering up possible sex crimes.  If this is the case their needs to be a full investigation by our federal police force.  The whole Saville/BBC comes to mind but Saville is dead so...

I was doing data mining on this stuff a few days ago using some professional tools I have.  I found a very interesting comment about it.  It was written by a "person in the media".  They commented that the male/female dynamics in media were not much different from 40 years ago & the "casting couch" mentality still exists.  "Casting couch" of course refering to a couch used in porn auditions where the female does what is told of her to get ahead in her chosen career.  Was it a fair comment?  I don't know.  But it's not far fetched to imagine an alpha male with an ego could easily abuse his power especially when combined with a sexual kink. 

I've heard that the accusations against Ghomeshi were "well known" for people in the media. I've heard this from people I know who are in the media who claim they know people who were hurt by him.  Of course, legally it's all heresay but even to a data mining/hacker cynic like me it's really really hard to support him now.  I'm trained to view data/intelligence in a non emotional manner & I admit, it's very very difficult to give this dude the benefit of the doubt.  Kudos to the Toronto cops for opening a file.  The RIGHT thing to do.



November 3, 2014 7:46 PM  #5

Re: You know you're in trouble when...

You know, Irvine, it seems to me we're at this point:  Ghomeshi is done. Forever.  If it's only  because of the internet lynch mob doesn't really matter at this point. He'll never work in this business again.  In fact, I think he will find it hard to ever earn a living anywhere.  Is it fair?  No. Not until he ALSO does some jail time. I know, I know.  The  jury is still  out. Heck,  it hasn't even been convened yet.  But I'm a big subscriber to the "if it walks like a duck" school.  In my opinion the (granted) circumstantial evidence is too overwhelming; the trial will be a rubber stamp -- a necessary rubber stamp, but a mere formality all the same.  

( BTW some idiot columnist  is calling this "Ghomeshigate", alluding of course to an AMERICAN event of 40, count 'em, 40 years ago.  Thank God this person doesn't review movies.  They'd recommend seeing Brad Pitt's new movie because the acting is good, the story is good and it's a "talkie"! Are we that devoid of original thought in this country? Don't answer that.  Meanwhile I'm just waiting for the latest on Magnottagate.)

Now... the CBC    We are agreed they have a LOT to answer for.  I expect the "casting couch" mentality to exist in private broadcasting.  I expect it, but I NEVER in my many years in private broadcasting saw evidence of it. Nor did I hear whisperings of it.  And you know how gossipy people in the business are.  I don't however expect  it in the CBC where there are highly paid executives specifically assigned to police workplace environments.  One of the titles, if I remember correctly is Vice President of People fer crissakes!   Probably at $175,000, a corner office and 2 admin-assistants. If I were CBC boss Hubert Lacroix, my first question to this guy on Monday morning  would have been, "How did you get us into this mess? You're fired!"  And he would be only the first.  The Q brand is so tarnished the show can't continue. It should have been blown up the moment Ghomeshi was fired if the CBC had any decency.  It was cringe-inducing to hear poor Brent Bamberry reading that weasly script last Monday.    And when it finally meets its demise everyone with any authority (anyone with the word "producer" in their title)  should be fired with cause for ading and abetting. 

From all accounts, rumours about Ghomeshi have been circulating for 20 years.  There was a jungle telegraph among women even then.  The point is when  CBC was considering him as a host for "Play", not one person said, "Well, he comes with a lot of baggage. Do we want to take a chance on that?"   Damn straight they did!   And it morphed into one of the primo gigs in the world.  Talk about malice, aforethought!

There should be an immediate probe into the CBC's handling of this since the days of "Play".  It should not involve anyone connected to the CBC in any way. None of the usual suspects etiher. That means you Ralston Saul, et al.

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