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July 19, 2016 5:01 PM  #1

Dumbells Anyone?

This story has been circulating the net, originating from CANADALAND.
I would be ashamed to work for such a company.
John Mary Tyler Moore is going to wet his pants if he has to talk about this.

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July 20, 2016 8:24 PM  #2

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

There are a number of things about this that disgust me...

First, denying the truth. If your client is less than dependable, you drop them...I know a buck is a buck, and it's difficult to earn bucks in radio these days, but whatever happened to integrity and honesty in advertising?

Next, the memo (if accurate) looks like something composed by a reasonably articulate Grade 12 student.  If this is supposed to be a memo to staff, I don't think that "Hey everyone" is an appropriate opening. Other staffers will read that, and say, "Whatever!"

Then, the writer says, "I suggest we totally avoid talking about it...". How much longer will the Valley Girl lingo hangover continue???  That word "totally" just doesn't belong in this context. (As well as other grammatical errors.)

My final point is that this a typically poorly-written business memo, by someone trying their best.

Whoever hired  Sarah needs to be fired. Not promoted, because that person has kissed multiple asses. Fired. Out the door.

Sarah, I feel for you. Your communication skills (in a business that's all about communications) are best suited to working the check-out at your local Sobeys. There, "Hey" and "totally" are accepted.


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July 21, 2016 1:42 PM  #3

Re: Dumbells Anyone?


I'm afraid the war is lost... might as well spare your ammunition to fight and die on another hill.

On your point about integrity:  there was never much in Radio to begin with. Early in my career in a Canadian backwater we were NEVER to refer to a newspaper either by name or generically. ("They're competitors!") The other cardinal rule:  NEVER connect a record-breaking blizzard with a caution to stay home. We were to say, "Salters and sanders are out so the roads aren't that bad!" ("We can't tell people not to go out and shop at our sponsors'!")   As I say it was early in my career so, to my shame, I complied.  Sigh.

As for the memo; Bob Dylan was a prophet.  The times they have a-changed.  Totally.

I'm not quite as incensed   as you are with Sarah's "Hey everybody", but I take your point. Or as she and almost all of her contemporaries might put it,  i tayk ur pnt.   Notwithstanding,  I'll never forgive Jamaica for letting us import their endearing "no problem" to become the ubiquitous far-too-casual thing that it is now.   Gone forever is "you're welcome" or "my pleasure".   I don't give a damn whether  it's a problem or not.  Honorifics are also a thing of the past.  The word "even" is incorrectly  inserted everywhere.  But I won't even go there.  Uptalking is rampant, so that grown men talk like the Valley Girl who is well past her shelf life, as you say. Lulu-lemon and flip flops are now acceptable as office working attire. The other day I saw a young woman wearing a hijab. Nice and modest as her culture mandates.  Too bad about the skin tight leotards that showcased her nether regions for all and sundry to see. Wryly amusing.  

Facts mean nothing. Facts are what I say they are. In spite of Google, no one ever checks, so you can get away with it.  Today the Puget Sound Radio site remembered the 2011 death of Elwy Yost, calling him the "witty host
of Saturday Night at the Movies".   Elwy was a few things -- fawning, ingratiating, sycophantic, Pollyanna-esque --  but he was NOT even remotely witty. (Some wag once said he was bald from all the jokes going over his head.)

You are right about who should be fired.  May I add, all the PD's who let almost every alleged newscaster and line reader say ".. with the Humidex, it'll feel like 42".  So I guess that means with the thermometer it's actually only 31 degrees. For gawd's sake! 

I say bring back the nuns!!



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July 21, 2016 6:47 PM  #4

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

When I read the words I wrote, I recognized what an old, angry white guy I've become...I shook my head, and then laughed at myself.
I recognize that the biz has changed, but I'd still expect my boss to be articulate.
And, GAWD, please never bring back the nuns!



July 22, 2016 8:02 AM  #5

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

Dan... I thought exactly the same thing! lol In fact, I almost wrote, "I'm starting to sound like my father!".  But he, like most dads, was right most of the time.  And so are we dammit!  Well, on this issue anyway. The scary thing is old, angry white guys like us  in the U-S think that Donald Trump will solve everything. Yikes.


September 15, 2016 4:56 PM  #6

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

Its odd hearing Bill Carrol back on CFRB (Rush roundtable with Ryan and the other guy), after criticing the management for letting go of a lot of talented news people.  Don't think we'll hear him on the morning roundtable with Mary Tyler Moore.

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October 11, 2016 5:27 PM  #7

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

Why do I punish myself by listening to Mary Tyler Moore in the mourning?
Talking about The Donald's recorded comments about pussycats, Mary said 'maybe I'm going to the wrong gym...'

Mary, stop hanging out at the 'Y' with 'those' guys.

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October 12, 2016 9:01 AM  #8

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

I have always thought that "MTM" has zero-sense of humour.  BUT if he said that with a wink, then that's hilarious. 


October 17, 2016 5:50 PM  #9

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

More dumbbells today on RB:

The 8:30 news reader said this about the death of Jarryl Hagley, the 17 year old boy who died early Sunday at a PizzaPizza in TO.

'The teen probably didn't know it was going to be his last meal.'  Which could translate into the teen possibly knew it was going to be his last meal. 

This beats the WBEN newsreader giving the score for the Bill's game during Sunday's 3:30 newscast saying "34 to16 is your score" but not mentioning who had 34, or a CFRB newsreader saying today that tonight's low will 'only' be 19.


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November 15, 2016 5:32 PM  #10

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

If he was dating that Mulligan woman, he must be crazy.
More hypocrisy; CRFB roundtable participants criticized the CBC for not divulging more information about Jihad Ghomeshi when he was fired.

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December 29, 2016 6:45 PM  #11

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

Trump bashing continues on RB this mourning on RB during the first round table. 
Pro-Line has posted the over/under for Trump bashing on upcoming RB programs.

i)   Friday December 30, 2016  Mourning Round Table 1 -   3.5
ii)  Friday December 30, 2016 Mourning Round Table  2 -   2.5
iii) Saturday December 21, 2016 Motts Live or Repeat  06:00 - 09:00  -    43.5   (this one is a tough one)


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November 25, 2017 4:09 PM  #12

Re: Dumbells Anyone?

Lance announced on Thursday's BIG NINE  newscast that he's 'retiring' after Christmas.
According to the Clinton thesaurus, retired is a synonym for laid off, fired, out-of-here.

He will punish us one more time as he will sing the pre-Christmas sportscast.



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